RevUp Render Cloud

World's First Ever Cloud Rendering platform

(established in 2008)

There are two main differences with the RevUp Render Cloud from traditional render farms:

1. We never put you onto shared hardware! Traditional render farms usually farm out all of there render nodes to several customers at once. This greatly degrades performance and can cause render times to vary. RevUp Render gives you dedicated rendering systems that are used by you and you alone.

2. The best part of the RevUp Render Cloud is that it allows you to work just as you do locally. We give you a full Windows based desktop with our RevUp COSMOS product. You run your design and render engine software on the COSMOS cloud desktop and when you are ready to render you can fire up as many render nodes as you need.

With the RevUp Render Cloud 3D graphics professionals can utilize the power of massive render farms and high-end production workstations via the cloud—allowing studios and artists to easily scale processing power up or down as needed.


This scene required one hour to render on an Intel i7 2600k workstation overclocked at 4.8Ghz with 32GB RAM. 3D model, courtesy Evermotion, the same scene rendered in 4 minutes, 13 seconds with V-Ray 2.0 in the RevUp Render cloud.

With V-Ray 3.0 rendering software running as part of the RevUp Render platform, artists and studios employing 3D software with distributed rendering capabilities, including Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, McNeel Rhino3D, Trimble SketchUp, and other packages that integrate V-Ray and its distributed rendering (DR) feature can now work completely in the cloud—from beginning to end—utilizing RevUp COSMOS desktop cloud workstations and RevUp Render rendering solutions.

Included with the service is a new mobile feature that extends the flexibility of the cloud even further by giving customers access to the RevUp Render desktop and render nodes from mobile devices, including Apple iPad, iPhone, Android or Chromebook.

The RevUp COSMOS cloud workstation desktop offers full access to the V-Ray real-time rendering workflow, providing access to near limitless compute power on dedicated render nodes without the need to share hardware with other users.

“Traditional render farms have limitations—from shared resources that lower compute performance to the inability to interact with a rendering as it is processing. These can all greatly impact productivity,” explains Ry Bruscoe, founder, RevUp Render. “With RevUp Render these limitations are no longer an obstacle to productivity. By offloading the process to the cloud, artists are free to focus on being creative instead of waiting on a render.”

From small boutique agencies to large production studios, RevUp Render is the best way to streamline budgets and reduce production costs, allowing customers to rent render nodes on an as-needed basis, paying only for the time used.

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RevUp Visual Super Computing Standards

Render Node hardware specifications Cloud Render "Farm"

RevUp Render Cloud pricing:

CONTACT US for updated (current) pricing. We like to first ask a few quick questions to learn how to best help you. Then we will setup a custom solution for you and offer upfront costs.


Q. Can I rent 3DS Max and V-Ray from RevUp Render in your cloud?

A. We can rent you a special two-week license of V-Ray for use in the RevUp Render Cloud. However, we cannot currently rent Autodesk licensing to our customers. All Autodesk licensing is on a Bring Your Own (BYO)-license model. You activate your license of 3DS Max (or other App) on your own dedicated RevUp COSMOS Cloud Workstation, and during the time that you are using the RevUp Render Cloud.

Q. How many Render Nodes can I use at once?

A. In the RevUp Render Cloud we do not currently have a limit of the Render Nodes we can deploy. For customers who need more than 1,000 Render Nodes please contact us and we can make special arrangements to ensure the capacity you require is available.

Q. How many Render Nodes can I use with my commercial license of V-Ray?

A. With your license of V-Ray, Chaos Group will allow you to render across 10 Render Nodes in our RevUp Render Cloud. We can rent you additional blocks of 10 Render Node V-Ray licenses for a small fee for two-weeks at a time. If you need to render across 100 Render Nodes for example, and you have one license of V-Ray already then we can rent you 9 more V-Ray licenses.

Q. Do you offer render management software?

A. We have partnerships setup with various render job management software companies such as PipelineFX Qube!, Deadline from Thinkbox and more. If you prefer another render queue manager just ask us. RevUp Render always supports the full artist, designer, architect, or engineer's workflow. If you are more confortable working with a particular software solution then we will get it ready for you. Work just as you do locally, except with RevUp's "Visual Supercomputing" power of the Cloud!

List of applications tested for functionality and performance on RevUp Render

(RT refers to Real-Time Rendering)

NVIDIA iray (iray server) RT

NVIDIA Mentalray

Chaos Group V-Ray Adv.

V-Ray RT

OTOY OctaneRender RT

PIXAR Renderman

Arion RT

Furryball RT



Autodesk Revit

Autodesk 3ds Max

Autodesk Maya

Autodesk AutoCAD

Autodesk NavisWorks

McNeel Associates Rhino 3D


Trimble SketchUp

Adobe After Effects (processing)

Adobe After Effects (Nvidia CUDA and OpenCL based ray tracing)

The Foundry's MODO  (click here for demo)

Full Suite of Adobe Creative Cloud Apps

This list is by no means complete. RevUp COSMOS is a cross-platform based system and will run any Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Unix/Linux or other compatible applications

Disclaimer: RevUp COSMOS user must agree to use their own license(s) during Sign-Up of the respected software being used on the RevUp COSMOS system. Logos of Autodesk, Adobe or any other technology partner of RevUp Render, Inc. belong to their respected owners and RevUp Render, Inc. does not claim any partnership or association with them unless otherwise stated on RevUp Render Partner Directory.