RevUpVCS COSMOS PaaS (Platform as a Service) and our advanced BIM consulting have been used to accelerate project delivery for internationally known designers, software companies and global competition teams.

Featured Student Showcase - ACSA Steel Competition

University of Hartford Architecture and Planning student Joe Tracy contacted RevUp Render in during a tight deadline because he was unable to render his BIM model. Using COSMOS to process the renderings for his presentation board Joe was able to make the deadline for the competition turning his project into a winning design!

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill - SOM

SOM used RevUp COSMOS technology to dramatically cut down the time it took to process high resolution images of a tower project in Autodesk Revit 2010 Architecture.

Advanced conceptual design of a 3000 foot tall twisting tower. Each floor is slightly rotated at the same point. This BIM model was create by the International Design Studio as a bench-mark test of a complex form modeled in Revit. the IDS is continuing to work on this model file to push the limits of RevUp technology.

Chermayeff & Poole - Proposed Marine Life Park

Onsite computers froze up overnight and over the weekend trying to render an 80mb file of a 42,900 square meter multi-use project. In 10 minutes RevUp Render finished the same image that could not be completed on other high-end workstations.

Chermayeff & Poole - Proposed Environmental Center

" inventive means of achieving the synergy of a "virtual office", bringing diverse talents and levels of experience together, simultaneously sharing their progress of work, and addressing opportunities at any scale, by using available technologies at the cutting edge." says Peter Chermayeff, FAIA

80-Story Residential Highrise - Pusan, Korea - Doosan Engineering & Construction

What took Korean Autodesk reseller Intratech Corporation 73 hours to render in NavisWorks Manage, took only 12 hours on the RevUp Render system. This is a 1GB file size NavisWorks file that produced an 850MB AVI 4D Animation video file.

International Design Studio - Norway Museum of Architecture and Design - NMAAD

Multiple designers in different locations were able to look at a single model on one computer. Rapid-paced design changes were viewed quickly to allow collaborative decision making and reduced design time by weeks on this complex, 36,000m2 competition. Professional firms thought the project could not be adequately completed in the allowed time. In addition to reducing design time, increases in design quality were provided by engaging expert interaction in dynamic ways with RevUp technology.