RevUp Render is a global leader and technological innovator for demanding graphics in the cloud.

Founded in 2008 by Ry Bruscoe from a passion for advanced design and collaborative process. Our goal is the remove the disconnect between the creative mind and what a designer thinks of in their mind and what actually ends up on paper or built. Currently there is a huge disconnect here and we have already made huge leaps and bounds in breaking through that barrier and have a web based GPU (graphic processing unit) real-time rendering platform.

Working on very complex projects in Revit® we constantly found the computers frozen after attempting to render a still scene all weekend long. Most of the time the rendering engine in Revit® would never get past 10% completion. Then when the first RevUp Render system was built we rendered the same still scene in 10 minutes. This was how RevUp Render was born!

We quickly learned that we could provide our services to other industries such as video game design, and motion graphic artists. Really through our technology that was originally created for architecture if you can design a building with our products then it also works great for other industries. Imagine a skyscraper with millions or billions of individual components and add many collaborators to the design process. This gives you a very complex collaborative environment to handle and the days of prehistoric desktop workstations are no longer capable of meeting these kinds of complex collaborative ecosystems.

RevUp Render's roots are simple, to render complex digital environments in a reasonable timeframe. Today we have now grown to include any kind of complex graphical processing in the cloud. Now we are able to accomplish things that were simply not possible before, and we are able to do this in a short amount of time. Let your creative mind run free with RevUp Render today!

The cartoon below illustrates our how RevUp Render got started as a company in 2008