RevUp Render Technology demo with NVIDIA iray®

Posted on January 5,2011

RevUp Render teamed up with NVIDIA and miGenius, the creators of iray, to bring you this technology demo of RevUp Render. Leveraging the iray rendering engine and NVIDIA’s CUDA based GPU hardware systems, RevUp Render is the most advanced rendering and design collaborative review technology available for architects, engineers and designers.
With RevUp Render you can take your Revit or 3DS Max 2D and 3D content and seamlessly export and render it in seconds on a graphical supercomputer. Navigate through your scene in real-time and watch it re-render the instant you stop moving the camera.

Project demo: Incheon Eighth Wonder – Proposed Environmental Center rendered with RevUp Render. Modeled in Revit Architecture.

3D model provided by Peter Chermayeff, LLC

Posted by Ry Bruscoe