VDI for graphics

Posted on December 19,2011

VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) is a commonly used technology today. Many large corporations have been using VDI for multiple years to run hundreds or even thousands of people’s desktops.

When I started getting really into virtualization technologies three years ago I went to all the major VDI vendors such as VMware, Citrix, and Parallels and all them told me that they did not have that much interest in virtualization for high-end graphics. They were simply focused on the much larger population that runs basic office apps like Word and Quickbooks type software.

Three years ago I realized quickly that virtualization technology was simply not ready for high-end demanding graphics like 3D modeling.

Good news is that more recently there has been huge advancements with the technology related to virtualization and demanding graphics. While there is still not a VDI solution out on the market for high-end graphics, at least not one that gives the same kind of performance that one gets from a local workstation.

I believe strongly that is all going to change very soon! Here is an interesting article that talks about some work NVIDIA has been doing in this area: Brian Madden blog article on VDI for graphics

Posted by Ry Bruscoe