Hello world!

Posted on November 28,2011

Hello World! This is my first blog post for CGClouds.com

This is going to be the start of a blog related to my startup company RevUp Render, Inc. and the R+D we have been doing for the last three years and future developments as well.

I will venture outside of RevUp Render to include interesting and relevent information related to demanding graphics and how cloud computing is becoming more related. Three years ago when I founded RevUp Render www.revuprender.com everyone was only focused on running general office type apps in the cloud and not graphical work. I realized that there would be a big need for this area.

We were already using cloud computing technologies for our design studio www.the-ids.com the International Design Studio. Working on complex architecture competitions around the world with disperse teams in several countries required that we use the best available tools for collaboration. Collaborative design and design review will be one of the key topics of this blog. How can you work across the world and share intense ideas and designs as if you are in the same physical location? Well, the only possible way to accomplish this is through internet and cloud computing solutions.

If you are a designer from any walk of life…be it motion graphics, animation, video game design, architecture, or really any other kind of design then please stay tuned as this will be the blog for you! :-)

Posted by Ry Bruscoe