VDI for graphics

Posted on December 19,2011

VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) is a commonly used technology today. Many large corporations have been using VDI for multiple years to run hundreds or even thousands of people’s desktops.

When I started getting really into virtualization technologies three years ago I went to all the major VDI vendors such as VMware, Citrix, and Parallels and all them told me that they did not have that much interest in virtualization for high-end graphics. They were simply focused on the much larger population that runs basic office apps like Word and Quickbooks type software.

Three years ago I realized quickly that virtualization technology was simply not ready for high-end demanding graphics like 3D modeling.

Good news is that more recently there has been huge advancements with the technology related to virtualization and demanding graphics. While there is still not a VDI solution out on the market for high-end graphics, at least not one that gives the same kind of performance that one gets from a local workstation.

I believe strongly that is all going to change very soon! Here is an interesting article that talks about some work NVIDIA has been doing in this area: Brian Madden blog article on VDI for graphics

Posted by Ry Bruscoe

Hello world!

Posted on November 28,2011

Hello World! This is my first blog post for CGClouds.com

This is going to be the start of a blog related to my startup company RevUp Render, Inc. and the R+D we have been doing for the last three years and future developments as well.

I will venture outside of RevUp Render to include interesting and relevent information related to demanding graphics and how cloud computing is becoming more related. Three years ago when I founded RevUp Render www.revuprender.com everyone was only focused on running general office type apps in the cloud and not graphical work. I realized that there would be a big need for this area.

We were already using cloud computing technologies for our design studio www.the-ids.com the International Design Studio. Working on complex architecture competitions around the world with disperse teams in several countries required that we use the best available tools for collaboration. Collaborative design and design review will be one of the key topics of this blog. How can you work across the world and share intense ideas and designs as if you are in the same physical location? Well, the only possible way to accomplish this is through internet and cloud computing solutions.

If you are a designer from any walk of life…be it motion graphics, animation, video game design, architecture, or really any other kind of design then please stay tuned as this will be the blog for you! :-)

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CGarchitect.com Interview with RevUp Render

Posted on May 12,2011

Quote from CGarchitect.com: “News from the Autodesk University tradeshow floor”

“This year the tradeshow floor was filled with BIM consulting companies than I could count, but as I alluded to earlier in this article; we did have a chance to stop by the RevUP Render booth to speak with Ry Bruscoe. Ry is the founder of RevUpRender a new startup that is bridging the gap between designers and the cloud with a number of new product offerings. Ry demoed them for us in his booth during our on-camera interview.”

CLICK on the image below to go to the page with the video interview:

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RevUp Render Technology demo with NVIDIA iray®

Posted on January 5,2011

RevUp Render teamed up with NVIDIA and miGenius, the creators of iray, to bring you this technology demo of RevUp Render. Leveraging the iray rendering engine and NVIDIA’s CUDA based GPU hardware systems, RevUp Render is the most advanced rendering and design collaborative review technology available for architects, engineers and designers.
With RevUp Render you can take your Revit or 3DS Max 2D and 3D content and seamlessly export and render it in seconds on a graphical supercomputer. Navigate through your scene in real-time and watch it re-render the instant you stop moving the camera.

Project demo: Incheon Eighth Wonder – Proposed Environmental Center rendered with RevUp Render. Modeled in Revit Architecture.

3D model provided by Peter Chermayeff, LLC

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Autodesk University 2010 AECCafe interview with RevUp Render

Posted on December 3,2010

This is a video interview that I did with AECCafe at Autodesk University 2010. In the background you can see our exhibit booth that we had there.

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RevUp Render Getting Started Video: (first video of early concept)

Posted on September 17,2009

This video is over two years old now. However it does a great job showing the early roots of how RevUp Render www.revuprender.com got started. In 2008/2009 we were the first to offer remote connection to powerful graphical workstations. In this demo we are connecting into a powerful server that contains graphics cards.

Posted by Ry Bruscoe